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Otterly Calm Buddy

Otterly Calm Buddy

Ease your mind and embrace peace with the soothing cuddles of your very own Otterly Calm Buddy.
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  • ✨ Alleviates stress & promotes calmness
  • 🌙 Supports healthy sleep
  • ❤️ Realistic breathing function & heartbeat sounds
  • 👪 Ideal for all ages
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" My Otter has completely changed the way i sleep, I used to be up most of the night stressing about work but the heartbeat and sounds are so calming-100% recommend "
Sarah S.

How does it work?

The rhythmic deep breathing pattern of the otter is designed to match the natural frequency of human breathing.

This allows your body to relax during panicked moments and late night anxiety that prevents you from falling asleep 


Unlock anxiety relief with our unique & scientifically-backed breathing effect. Mimicking natural rhythms, it effectively alleviates anxiety, promoting a sense of calmness and emotional well-being. All contributing to the perfect night sleep you need!

Features Of The Otter

-Moving Chest & Realistic Breathing Function

- Vibration

- Ultrasound & Womb Breathing

- Heartbeat Sounds

- Soft Nightlight to Promote Stress Free Sleep

How You Will Feel

- Reduced Tension

- Instant Calmness

- Emotional Comfort

- Restful & Anxiety Free Sleep

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23,592+Relief Otter's Sold. 🌪️

Experience a sanctuary during panicked moments and late-night anxiety. Crafted with precision, it's pattern harmonizes seamlessly with the natural frequency of human breath.

Let our otter guide your body into relaxation, providing a tranquil haven that eases the path to a restful night's sleep.

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Discover serenity with your cuddle companion. 🌈

Life’s demands often lead to unrest and unease. The Otterly Calm Cuddle Buddy is the perfect solution to these moments of discomfort. Its gentle, soothing design mimics the calming effect of a serene environment, providing an escape from the hustle and an easy path back to tranquility.

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Restless nights can disrupt your well-being. 🌜

Tossing and turning through the night impacts your next day. Our Otterly Calm Cuddle Buddy uses its cozy design to promote relaxation, helping you slip into a deep, restful sleep. By improving your sleep quality, it sets you up for a more productive, joyful day ahead.

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  • Jennifer J.

    "My kiddo has anxiety issues, and this cuddly otter's been a game changer 😍. They're sleeping better and I can tell they feel calmer. High recommend for anyone with stressed lil ones!"

  • Sarah S.

    "This Relief Otter is a lifesaver. As someone who's struggled with anxiety for years, having this little buddy to hold onto during the tough moments has made a huge difference. Bonus is that it's super soft and not just for kids!"

  • Jessica J.

    "Bought this on a whim and now I can't imagine life without it. It's seriously calming, and works wonders for my sleep routine."


Most Asked Questions!

What are the main features?

It's LOADED with cool features that are suited to help as many people as possible. It plays many different sounds, some examples are:

- White noise & Vibration

- Ultrasound & Womb Breathing

- Heartbeat sounds

- A soft nightlight

It also has a moving chest and breathing function that is made to match a human's natural breathing frequency - this will lower your heart rate and allow you to ease into a relaxing state.

Don't forget the adjustable glowing light from the seashell on the chest of the otter, this is perfect for anyone who struggles to sleep in complete darkness

How do i wash the Otter?

The electronic components can be easily removed, allowing you to wash the skin.

What age is the Relief Otter suitable for?

All ages from 6 months+

You can never be too old for a soft and cuddly sleeping partner!

Can you customise the breahting movement & sound?

Of course! You can adjust the volume or turn them off completely

Does it have components that may be eaten by my baby?

The answer is no! Since our Breathing Otters feature hidden electronics, your baby will be safe.

Does it lose fur?

The answer is absolutely not! All our Breathing Otters are made of the highest quality materials possible.

Take the leap towards tranquility! Try the Otterly Calm Cuddle Buddy today, with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Your peace of mind awaits!

We believe in the comfort of our Otterly Calm Cuddle Buddy so much that we're offering a no-risk, 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don't experience the soothing relief we promise, simply return it for a full refund.

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