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Valentine's Day Dress

Valentine's Day Dress

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      Turn heads wherever you go

       Show your curves in a comfortable and elegant dress, that will make you the most feminine woman from the room. The backless design harmoniously highlights the silhouette, creates a sophisticated look suitable for many events. 


     Wear it if you like to stand out

       The dress can be wore everywhere, to formal events and also to casual ones. The dress is easy to style, because you can make it casual, by wearing it with a jacket and some sandals, or formal, by adding some jewelry and heels.


                 Effortless Style, 
           Effortless Special Look

        The design is made to make you feel confident in your body, because it creates a very feminine silhouette and accentuates your curves. 

        The material it is soft, comfortable and lightweight, which make you wear it all day long. Easy wear and maximum comfort, the backless adds a touch of luxury, turning a practical garment into a fashion statement. 

                  SIZING CHART

            Wardrobe must-have

😍 Makes your booty look bigger
😍 Lightweight and comfortable material
😍 Boost your confidence
😍 Elongated strings can also be worn multiple ways
😍 Ultra low back drape 

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